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The Great American Lie Whole School License *Pre-order*

$ 349.00

What it is: DVD and curriculum for Middle School, High School, and University level students. Includes unlimited rights to use the curriculum and host unlimited screenings on one campus for parents, educators, students and the community at large.

Each license is site-specific, so school screenings must take place on the campus for which it was purchased only. 

 Who it’s for: Colleges/universities, K-12 schools

What you get:

  • The Great American Lie feature film DVD (region free with a total running time of 87 minutes)
  • The Great American Lie exclusive curriculum for middle and high school, college/university (delivered via email as a PDF with embedded video links)
  • License for public screening rights in perpetuity

*NOTE: Pre-order. Your product will be fulfilled after September 1, 2019 when DVDs and the curriculum are available.

*International shipping subject to a $30 surcharge.

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